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At Clubhouse Kids, we believe in fostering a healthy and proactive team environment. We have high expectations for our team and stress importance in three specific areas:

  • HEAD: We believe in the importance of personal development and an adequately trained team. Our team members go through orientation training, certification courses (as needed), and receive ongoing evaluations and mentorship.

  • HANDS: We believe in being active with the children. We expect our team to always act as role-models through actions and attitudes. We expect our team members to maintain a balance between being a teacher and being a caring friend. All of our team members are required to sign a code of conduct and attend our mandatory child protection training.

  • HEART: We believe in heart-to-heart mentorship by helping children navigate through life’s ups and downs. Our team members are encouraged to help children connect decisions and situations with life lessons.

Head Hands Heart

Our Team Motto

"To see kids transformed from day one!"


The following values describe the team culture at Clubhouse Kids. We do not claim to have figured out the "formula" for the perfect team, but rather we are constantly striving to be one of the best teams to be a part of. If you resonate with these values, we would love for you to consider joining us this camp season.

GROWTH – We believe in identifying potential and investing in character and competence.

  • We conduct an individual strengths assessment to determine how you can perform at your full potential.

  • We actively seek potential pathways for your individual growth within Clubhouse.

  • We regularly connect with you for professional reflection and refinement of your skills.


CONNECTION – We believe in an authentic approach through empathy and respect to build a foundation of trust

  • We are actively building a greater understanding of your diverse backgrounds.

  • We are actively exploring how your diversity can inform our practices and procedures.

  • We support each other when we make mistakes.


COLLABORATION – We believe in giving everyone a voice in the conversation.

  • We are actively exchanging feedback with you through informal and formal interactions.

  • We foster team communication and decision-making by inviting you to contribute.

  • We encourage teams to develop solutions together.


COMMUNICATION – We believe in actively having open and transparent communication through all levels in the team.

  • We are commited to keeping you informed and up to date through regular updates.

  • We are commited to keeping our doors open for you to connect with all levels of leadership.

  • We make program resources available to you through various mediums.


ACCOUNTABILITY – We believe in holding each other accountable for our conduct to foster mutual responsibility.

  • We continually reflect and address shortfalls to improve your team experience.

  • We encourage everyone to take part in each other’s successes and be proactive in building each other up.

  • We are commited to each other as a team by going above and beyond our responsibilities.


PASSION – We believe in Clubhouse’s impact on people and inspiring excellence in our team.

  • We acknowledge and commit to helping the campers overcome their challenges.

  • We challenge and expand what you are capable of because we believe in your capacity for excellence.

  • We are commited to celebrating and supporting each other as one team in all challenges that we face.

Staff application will open in a new window. Please use a computer to complete the application (not mobile devices).

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